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Coming soon. Starting Thursday, July 14th - Bastille Day!

Interviews with truth warriors, freedom warriors, human rights warriors.

To be premiered at Zee's Cafe Cafe. Then available for all.

During times of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
- George Orwell -

The people being interviewed are heroes in our quest for our rights and freedoms, in our quest for the right to full flourishing - against the forces out to muzzle and indoctrinate, against the forces out to silence and destroy.

Who will be interviewed?

* People from the Truckers Freedom Convoy, which sparked - worldwide - an amazing outpouring of joy, pride, strength, courage.

* People risking and sometimes losing their medical licenses because they care about treating the sick appropriately, rather than being willing to go along with death-dealing mandated protocols.

* People for thought freedom, instead of following life-destructive ideologies.

* People for freedom of speech, instead of acquiescing to government and media punishment for truth, fact, logic.

Why does doing these interviews matter to me?

I have cared about truth and human rights just about all my life.

I have also always cared about the people who dared to speak out and to act.

As for doing interviews, I first did interviews - huge interviews (up to 12 hours per person) - as part of my doctoral research into the impact of rights movements on those who got involved. I learned ever so much. I still remember many of the people, though most of the time I never saw them after the interviews.

When I became interested in what was going on with Islam, a special interest became the people who were not taken in by the popular indoctrination, who were instead doing their best to reach people with what they had found out. Bill Warner, the first person I interviewed, told me I'd be meeting some of the most caring and intelligent people around. He was right.

I've recently interviewed people involved in getting out scientific truths that go against the official dogma (the so-called "narrative"). Once again, such caring and intelligent and dedicated people.

The upcoming interviews continue with the focus on people who see and dare to speak out.

Below, there's information on previous interviews that are online.

But first, who are the truth and freedom warriors in the banner?

From left to right:

Narain Kataria was almost 90 when I had the honor of interviewing him in 2014, a year before his death. I learned so much about the horrific displacement of millions of Hindus in the partition of India. It was not "just" a matter of displacement, by the way. Over a million Hindus were murdered. Narain and his family were among those displaced.

Tommy Robinson is dedicated to getting justice for "groomed" girls - for the as many as one million indigenous British girls "groomed" into prostitution by overwhelming Islamic gangs. This almost meant death - a savage beating - for him when he was imprisoned among violent Muslim offenders, for signing a false declaration on his brother's mortgage application. (Every payment was paid, by the way.) Recently Tommy's car was fire-bombed. I was lucky to interview him when I did - 2 days before yet another arrest on trumped up charges. This interview, with its timing, got half a million views. He'll be back for another interview.

Pamela Geller went from everyday citizen to warrior for freedom on 9/11, and has never stopped. Courage, tenacity, persistence, intelligence.

Bill Warner is the first person I interviewed for World Truth Summit. Soft-spoken. Not meek and mild. Facts and more facts. Truth, justice, persistence.

John O'Sullivan was charged when there was a false accusation by a student. Highly relevant: he is a white male with a Christian background. While there were no charges against the thousands of members of overwhelmingly Muslim rape gangs, not only was John charged, for a year he could not get access to the evidence that would clear him. The media had a field day. His reputation was trampled. He lost his career. He went on to co-found Principia Scientific, to bring out the truth about scientific matters. Dedication, intelligence, persistence.

For each of these people, and all the others I have interviewed, I am grateful.

I might call all these people courageous - except that what I have usually seen is not courage but commitment to action, commitment to doing and going on, despite the many obstacles, the denigration, the difficulties. It's about our society, about our human rights. Maybe it is better to call these people less fearful than average, rather than courageous. Passion, commitment, intelligence, caring - those are qualities I've seen over and over.

I care about the people. I also care about truth, human rights and freedoms, ethics, reaching people.

Now, here are links to previous online interviews.

The first online interview series (2012-13):

World Truth Summit - first set of interviews

The second online interview series (2014):

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Recent online interviews (2020-21):

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Elsa Interviews

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