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C.R.T. vs A.I. and A.S.T.I.

C.R.T. Critical race theory. Blacks are victims. Whites are victimizers. People are born racist. C.R.T. The C seems to stand for Castration - the castration of thought, of reality, of blacks (perpetual victims), of whites (perpetual victimizers). My experience is very different. I start with a childhood memory, and a book in a language I could barely read. I come to A.I. and A.S.T.I. - abolition information and African slave trade information. February 23, 2022


A Celebration of Logic. Logic - something so amazing. Sometimes it brings us, so easily, to logical conclusions that are far from our original view. I think of 2 such times. Of course, sometimes logic does not work. I think of one such time. I also think of a time, when amazingly, logic was used to break the grip of madness. The madness - disjuncture from reality - could not be stopped. But with thinking, with logic, the person could live, aware of what was and wasn't real. June 23, 2022

tragedy from telling kids they can do anything

There's a story children tend to get from all sides. You can be anything you want to be. It sounds good. It isn't, not for millions upon millions of people. It almost was a tragedy for me. I believe it was a tragedy for my father. It's so easy to come to a cliff, fall over the edge, and never put the pieces back together again. New stories are needed. February 12, 2022

Choosing feelings

We've all heard: repressing our feelings is bad, expressing our feelings is good. It's as if there were a bowl of emotions inside us, which go rotten if left unexpressed. We've all opened containers left too long in the fridge. Mold everywhere. There is a third option, a powerful option. The power of choice. I remember a powerful experience. An engine fell off a plane. What to feel? February 24, 2022

A Celebration of Love

Time for a celebration of love - a little attention to love and its power. There is so much push toward fear all around. Also anger, frustration, loneliness, misery. Social distancing, economic hardship. If fear is what "they" want - fear, frustration, loneliness - it's all the more important that we go toward what gives us life, and one of those things is love. June 24, 2022




Here's the start of this very long tale . . .

But first, what do I care about? My core interest is general understanding - like the way the education system has long been turned into an indoctrination system. From there the logical next question is: what could explain this? 

Another absolutely core interest: good thinking, which has only 2 main ingredients (neither of them secret): taking in all the information possible, and using logic.

With thinking, something that interests me is THE ONE FATAL FLAW, meaning if something has a fatal flaw, that’s it, game over.

So when I found out, April 5 2020, that HCQ was very effective against the c-virus and then very quickly that HCQ was basically banned, that evidence meant everything was a set-up, there was evil behind what was going on. No more evidence needed to prove that (though we have kept getting more and more evidence.

Another huge interest. THE HUMAN RIGHTS MOVEMENTS, AND HOW THESE HAVE BEEN HIJACKED - one model of hijacking - turn something good into something destructive. Linda Goodsmit calls this the Humanitarian Hoax.

In general, the hijacking of the good.

PERSONAL GROWTH, esp my own model of personal development: FULL FLOURISHING.

EDUCATION, NOT INDOCTRINATION - and how indoctrination was already very much in place 30, 40 years ago - just escalating now. Strong experiences in 2005-2006 at the college level - which means that about 1992, these indoctrinations were in place - at that time, it was: we must not judge or be judgemental; and all opinions are equal - plus of course everything happens for a reason.

TAKING EFFECTIVE ACTION - I've cared to know how to do that since childhood.

I also love creativity, but I haven't thought much about that. I just utterly know it's essential to living well.

Lots of interests. That brings me to: what have I done with these interests, especially online?

I started my first site in 2006 (still online, but just coasting since 2012). One part of the site was Elsa's Ideas.

My first 2 posts were on what I called Stupid Opinion #1 (All Opinions are Equal) and Stupid Opinion #2 (We're All Where We Are Meant To Be - like being murdered in a random killing).

I ended up with dozens of idea pieces, and with a celebration of good thinking - The Cogni Sutra. (Yes, a play on the Kama Sutra.)

In 2012 I shifted over to doing idea videos, and doing a blog, mainly for idea pieces.

Now I've just started this new site - to pulls thing together, give an easy overview - while also recognizing the long deep roots of my passions.

The first time I remember reaching a conclusion different from what I was supposed to reach, I was seven or maybe eight. One way or the other, thinking for myself is something I've done since early childhood. I just naturally thought about things, like I naturally liked running and playing and reading stories and imagining.

About thirty years ago, I was hit by the realization that the human rights movements just looked outward, at the problems in society to do with gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. I could not think of anyone looking at what it did to us, to get involved in such movements. I asked around, and I checked (which was not so easy, in pre-internet days). Just about nothing. So I ended up doing lots of research, and coming to findings that, at the start, amazed me.

Then I became fascinated by another topic: the impact of fear of male violence (rather than actual violence) on women and men. I thought this might be an underpinning of male dominance. I looked at research into the impact of fear, and also at famous Greek and Roman myths - especially Freud's favorite, the myth about Oedipus, and then also the myth of the Rape of the Sabine Women. What did that myth do, I wondered, to the psyche of Roman men and women, generations later.

Most recently, I've been thinking about what is going on around me - the fear instilled into people about a virus, the mass formation instilled in people so people go along with injections instead of looking at evidence of the risks.

I'm also thinking about myself - where do I best put my time and energy? I've decided to put most of my effort into my creative works, including from decades ago.

But it isn't like me to stop thinking.

It also isn't like me to stop trying to reach people.

So before going onward to the new branches, here's a glance back to the deep roots.

THE IDEA EMPORIUM (2006-2012). It started here. Such passion to get people to be passionate about good thinking, to value good thinking, to engage with ideas. Such passion to get people to recognize "stupid opinions" - meaning beliefs unrelated to facts, to thinking. Such passion for the Cogni Sutra - taking pleasure in good thinking, which is (or so I hold) more important to our species than unusual sexual positions.

Idea Emporium - good thinking
Stupid Opinions
good thinking capacity

Cogni Sutra

In 2012, I decided to do more videos. My first site felt huge and a bit unwieldy. So I started another site, ELSA'S EMPORIUM.

The ideas kept flowing, especially the core idea: WE THINK OR WE SINK.

Here are a few of the thoughts I wanted out in the world:

Idea Space - free range thinking
good thinking vs brain wreck

And then, ever moving forward, but with ongoing concerns:

Elsa's Ideas. Eureka Moments.
Ideas Worth Sharing.
Good-bye CRT. Hello Good Thinking!
Good-bye false negativity
and false positivity.
Hello Creative Thinking,
Logical Thinking,
Full Flourishing

Elsa's Ideas - good thinking, logical thinking, creative thinking - Eueka!

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